PP woven bag - PP woven bag

As a PP woven bags,PP bags manufacturer and company, we'd like you to read the history of PP woven bags:
In the 1930‘s, H·Jaeque found the new technologies of cutting split film fibers through the study of PVC film stretching.
In the 1950’s, O·B·Rasmussen began to produce the PP woven fibers through the use of stretch film extrusion methods
and equipment.
In 1965, the industrial production of one-way stretch flat yarns was began in Europe, used for industrial PP woven bags.
China has developed flat yarn woven bags since 1966, developing of this product was very rapidly, the kinds and
specifications are in wide range, qualities have reached a high level, and prices are very competitive in the international market. Ordinary specifications of PP bags: 30cm-120cm in width, length can be unlimited, can be printed in multi-colors.

PP woven bag is also named PP bag, PP woven sack, woven polypropylene sack,etc. ,it is made from polypropylene resin, after tubular PP woven fabric is weaved,cut and sew the fabric into pp bags, you can do print or not, then finished. This bag is a kind of ideal packing solution of powder products, it is convenient for transportation,normally we manufacture the PP woven bags in a variety of size,styles and colors according to customers' demands.

Main applications:
- For vegetables,animal feed and other agricultural products.
- As grain packaging,widely used for rice,flour,corn,wheat and others,most common
  pp bags are: rice bags,flour bags,maize bags,etc.
- In construction,as the packaging of sand,pebbles,cement,etc.
- Daily life applications,for household,tourism.
- As the logistics bags for land and sea transportation.
- Flood control.

The PP woven bag has the following features:
1.Top: heat cut, cold cut, or hemmed
2. Bottom: Single folded, double folded, single stitch, double stitch    
3. Weaving mesh:from 8x8 to 15x15 per square inch
4. Width: from 30cm to 75cm
5. Weight: from 50GSM to 100GSM(gram per square meter)
6. Lamination: coated or un-coated
7. BOPP film: laminated on one side,both sides, or not
8. Anti-UV: treated or not
9. Anti-static: treated or not
10. Surface of the bag: anti-slip or plain
11. Fabric color: transparent, white, beige, red, green, or others as your needs
12. Printing: up to 8 colors on one side, or both sides
13. Liner: with or without
14. Gusset: with or without