Weed control fabric - Weed control fabric

                 Weed control fabric                          Weed mat 
                                           Weed control fabric                                                                   Weed mat                                          

                     Ground cover fabric                           Landscape fabric
                                            Ground cover fabric                                                               Landscape fabric

Weed control fabric or weed mat,  ground cover fabric,  is  a  main  member  of  landscape fabric, normally  are  for sale  in  rolls, also named as weed barrier fabric, as the seller, we provide a kind of woven polypropylene fabric, this is an ideal material used for soil covering and landscaping,  outdoor  displays  and  as  a  weed  barrier  fabric for plantings without topical coverings  where  a  weed  free  environment is necessary, as well as the landscaping applications. Normally it is striped for aid in plant alignment, and is UV stabilized to last even in direct sunlight even used as the landscape fabric.

Weed control fabric or weed mat is a tight woven polypropylene fabric, that could be placed in beds and borders to help reduce weeds by acting as a barrier of sorts.The fabric is permeable, allowing air and water into the soil, but blocks the sunlight to stop germination of most weed plants.Because it is a woven product,  water and nutrients will seep through, at the same time, does not affect the growth of crops or flowers. We always provide the high quality weed barrier fabric for all the customers, the widths, weights, length are all customized, you can choose the most available types of weed barrier fabric, for landscaping or weed barrier use, or replace other landscape fabric.

The main features of weed control fabric(or weed mat, weed barrier fabric):
1. Weaving mesh: From 7*7 to 14*14 per square inch
2. Production: Be made with water jet looms or circular looms
3. Width: 90cm-500cm
4. Weight: 70-150gsm(gram per square meter)
5. Color: Black or other colors
6. UV: Normally with 2%-3.5%, or based on customer’s demand

7. Stripes: Every 12 inches or be customized