Poly Woven Bags/Fabrics

Also named poly woven sacks, WPP or PP bags, etc., produced by circular weaving process with the polypropylene resin material. PP resin is extruded into strip thread, after that weaved into fabric on looms, then cut, sewed into any sizes of bags.

In some South American countries, this kind of bag is also called as: Raffia sacks.

Usage: For packing agricultural, chemical products, construction materials, foodstuff, vegetables, waste, animal fodder, grain, fruits, mineral products,
flour, sugar, animal fodder, vegetable, sand, soil, cement, fertilizer, and so on.

Advantages:Strong, biodegradable, customized printing, eco-friendly, available for
machine automatic filling program.

Weaving Mesh:8×8, 9×9, 10×10, 11×11, 12×12, 13×13, 14×14, 15×15.
Denier: 550 D to 1200 D.