Woven polypropylene bag

PP sacks, are most commonly used in the big family of woven polypropylene/poly woven bags, this kind has

the most widely range of applications in agriculture and industry, easy produced, could be customized in

variety sizes, pattern and styles, and also has lots of standard dimensions for your choice.


Specifications and features:

  • Top of bag: Heat cut, cold cut, or hemmed.
  • Bottom of bag: Single folded, double folded, single stitch, double stitch.
  • Surface: Anti-slip or plain. Anti-slip type is more easy for stacking.
  • Bag color: White, blue, yellow, beige, black, green (achieved by adding colorful master batch filler).
  • Width: From 30cm to 75cm.
  • Density: 55-80gsm (grams per square meter).
  • Lamination: Coated or un-coated. Coating is for waterproof and airtight.
  • Anti-UV: Treated or not. Adding UV inhibitor is for keeping long life in sunlight.
  • Printing: Single side or both sides printed, or not. Max 8 colors totally on both sides.
  • Gusset: With or without, you can customized.
  • Block Bottom: With or without.
  • Liner: With PE liner or without. Liner makes a protection by prevent goods to

contact water.