woven ground cover fabric
weed mat

Woven ground cover fabric, or named weed mat, weed control fabric, is an important  member of the landscape

fabric, it is easy installation, blocks and suppresses the growing of grass and weeds very effectively. It is formed

with warp and weft yarn, this structure makes it has the ability of air and water permeability.



  • The fabric is permeable, allowing air and water into the soil, but blocks the sunlight to stop germination of most weed plants. does not affect the growth of crops or flowers.
  • Good protecting gardens, flower beds, gravel driveways, under decking, paths, newly planted trees.



  • Weight: 70gsm-150gsm (gram per square meter).
  • Width: 90cm-400cm.
  • Length In Rolls: 50m, 100m, 200m or customized packaging.
  • Colors: Normally black, but can also be others.
  • UV Inhibitor: With, 3-10 years.
  • Colorful Stripes: Every 12 inches or be customized.