tubular poly woven fabric

This kind of fabric is tubular shape and weaved on circular looms, main usage is as the material of PP sacks and

bulk bags.



Strong and durable, flexible, and biodegradable.


Main specifications:

  • Width(Tubular) : 30cm-75cm for PP sacks, 160cm-220cm for bulk bags.
  • Length: As per your requirements.
  • Weaving Mesh : From 6x6 to 15x15.
  • Weight : 55-80gsm(grams per square meter) for making PP sacks, 120-220gsm for making bulk bags.
  • Lamination(Coating) Weight: 15g/m2-35g/m2.
  • Fabric Colors: Transparent, white, red, green, black, beige, blue, orange, purple or others.
  • UV Stabilization: 200 Hours to 1200 Hours(if required).
  • Anti-Static: Treated or not, optional.
  • Color Stripe: On edges or without.
  • Packaging: In rolls, from 500m to 4000m per roll, or as per your demands.