pp clear bag

PP clear bags is transparent to display your product without opening the bag,  used pure virgin raw materials

(virgin polypropylene) without any mixtures to obtain the maximum transparency in the bags. Especially used for

packing foodstuff products.


Main specifications:

Width: From 55cm to 60cm.

Length: From 35cm to 110cm.

Capacity: From 5KG to 50KG.

Colors: Transparent.

Printing: Various colors are available on single or both sides.

Bag surface: Bright and smooth.

Drawstring: With or without.

Applications: Packing for grain, vegetables and fruits, for instance, rice, potato, onion, carrot, garlic, tomato,

lemon, orange, apple, and so on.


Visual convenient compared with traditional woven polypropylene bags.

More flexible caused by its pure material.