firewood bag

Bulk firewood bags, are vented bulk bags, it is plain bottom, and made from a kind of unique woven polypropylene

fabric, the fabric is specially designed with vented strips to provide the air flow through the fabric into the bag and

contact with your products. Mainly used for firewood or logs.

The bulk firewood bags are mainly made from stripe fabric, for better ventilation effect. For logs or firewood,

mainly made of part of mesh fabric(see the log bag), for more effective packaging results.

Main constructions:

Max 13 vented strips on the bag fabric.

Strip fabric on four sides.

Strip fabric on two opposite sides, the other sides consist of two mesh mosquito fabrics.

Lifting Loops: 4 loops, Side seam or Cross corner, on bag top or both top and bottom.

UV stabilization: Treated.

Printing options:

One side, two sides, or four sides printed customer’s logo.