FFS bag rolls
Form Fill Seal bags

FFS bag is the short name of form (automatic forming)-fill (online filing)-sealing bag.

Produced by molten and co-extrusion, blow molding, electric corona, printing, folding, rolling and bag making.

It is high leakproofness for prevent dust, water and pollution.


Main Constructions:

  • Raw Material: LLDPE, HDPE.
  • Processing: Blow molding.
  • Capacity: From 10kgs to 50kgs.
  • Printing: 4 colors on both sides.
  • Gusset: 4.5-11cm.
  • Thickness of bag: 0.12-0.22mm
  • Bag Weight: 90-220 grams.
  • Bag Surface: With anti-slip treatment.
  • Packaging: In bales(for pieces), or in rolls(for rolling bags).


Applications of bags and rolls:

  • Petrochemical products such as polyethylene (LLDPE, HDPE, LDPE,...etc.), and polypropylene resins.
  • Foodstuff such as rice, sugar.
  • Fertilizers.
  • Some other granular products.