BOPP laminated bags
BOPP bags

BOPP bag is a kind of PP woven bag laminated with BOPP film, this film is many colors printed in advance, and

then combined with ordinary/standard PP sack. The bag is colorful and with clear pattern, meanwhile, has a

waterproof function. We use the computerized printing so can get more accurate color and realistic printing result.

Compared to ordinary woven polypropylene bags, the most important characteristic is its printing, BOPP film

laminated bag is of higher price, but it not only looks more beautiful but also more strong because of its BOPP film

coated on.


More Features:

  • Eye-catching.
  • Corona treatment on one or both sides.
  • High Gloss & Matte Finishes available.
  • Resistant to oil and grease.
  • Added in UV inhibitor.

The sorts of BOPP film:

  • Common BOPP film, most widely used for making color printing PP bags.
  • Matt film, scattering treated on the film surface.
  • Pearlescent film, has pearly lustre with light refraction function after film surface is treated specially, best air barrier and waterproof property.


The other specifications are same as woven polypropylene bags.