baffle bulk bag
baffle bag design

Baffle bulk bag, also named “Q”bag, or baffle FIBC, is a special type. 

This kind of bulk bag can avoid cylindrical shape when filled, makes a less bulging result, and stays square shape,

then saves more spaces during transportation,mainly used for carbon black or other chemicals, grain, sand, etc.


Baffle bulk bag constructions:

Body - 4 Side panels plus the base (4-panel style), or U-panel style.

Fabric - Coated or Un-coated.

Lifting Loops - 4 lay flat corner loops, other designs may be possible.

Safety Factors: 5:1 Single Trip & 6:1 Multi-trip.

Safe Working Loads(S.W. L) : max 2000kg.

Dust-proof Seams can be added to this bag.

Liners are not available for this bag.

This kind of bag can be printed.