Also named woven polypropylene bags, PP sacks, etc., produced by circular weaving process with the polypropylene resin material. PP resin is extruded into strip thread, after that weaved into fabric on looms, then cut, sewed into any sizes of bags. Poly woven fabric is manufactured as material of bags, or used as tarpaulin,woven ground cover fabric.
Woven polypropylene bag
BOPP lamimated bags

tubular poly woven fabric
woven ground cover fabric

Bulk bags are also Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs), normally are for sale as super sacks,jumbo bags or big bags, made from 100% polypropylene (PP) material.This kind of flexible packaging is one of the major part of storing and transporting all types of dry powder & solid goods.

Main Constructions: U-panel,4-panel,Circular.
FIBC bulk bag
baffle bulk bag

vented bulk bag

FFS bag is the short name of form (automatic forming)-fill (online filing)-sealing bag, formed into individual bag or continuous tubing roll.

Silage bags and silage film/cover are made from PE, used for storage grain and forage, can make feed to fermentation during the storage, at the same time, to prevent wildlife damage.
silage bag for forage
silage film