Many Applications of Woven Ground Cover Fabric

Have you ever wondered why a lot of people opt for woven ground cover fabric varieties? Try to imagine this situation: you wish to decorate your house with a new garden; there is plenty of space in-and-around the construction area. To the right you can visualize a healthy row of shrubs and flowering plants. Towards the left is a hefty fence with chain links. And, right in the middle is an area that can become weedy in no time. In such an environment, gardening can become a tedious task! This is because weeds grow faster than flower beds or shrubs.

Above all, you must spend lots of time pulling out weeds and not growing your favorite plants. In such scenarios, woven ground cover fabric becomes useful. It is one of the finest ways by which you can plant flower beds and not worry about weeds.

What is woven ground cover fabric?

It is a special kind of plastic cloth weaved with circular or water jet looms, usually in black color, or green color is available, and with colorful stripes. Also known as weed control fabric, weed mat, and so on. Has the conventional weight of 100g/m2, 110g/m2, 120g/m2, of course you can also customize other different weights. Unlike conventional knitted fabric, woven ground cover fabric acts as an effective weed barrier. It lets nutrients, air and water penetrate through it! Additionally, if a thick layer of organic mulch is spread over the ground cover fabric it decomposes slowly and enriches the soil beneath with essential nutrients.

Use #1 – For healthy gardens

If you have an unmaintained garden with lots of woody shrubs, tough perennials, ornamental grass and heathers, you must make use of woven ground cover fabric. According to experts, even soil with excess organic content should be protected from weeds using heavy duty cloth. The special cover will make sure your garden is protected in the long run. For at least a decade, the ground cover fabric would provide an ideal ambiance for the plants and shrubs. As time passes and the plants root deep down, the fabric can be removed. Now, all that you should do is add a thick layer of fresh wood chips. The wood chips will reduce the rate at which the weeds grow.

Use #2 – Preservation

Are you busy? Do you have very little time to take care of your garden now? If yes, go for woven ground cover fabric. The customized fabric will keep weeds down for at most ten years and reduce a massive workload from your shoulders. When you have some additional time to do gardening, you can always remove the woven ground cover fabric, get rid of the weeds and start nurturing real plants. This makes this heavy duty landscape cloth an ultimate solution for many temporary gardening issues.

Use #3 – Protection

Are stray dogs ruining your beautiful garden? Are dogs digging your garden and uprooting freshly plants shrubs? If yes, you can use woven ground cover fabric to keep away the furry creatures. It would deter the dogs from digging. The fabric serves as a direct barrier between the dog and soil. The fabric should be removed for any digging or uprooting. Nevertheless, you can remove it once the plants are big and mature. Since, mature, well-rooted plants cannot be removed by dogs!

Use #4 – Prevent Soil Erosion

Do you know that woven ground cover fabric controls erosion? It is quite interesting to note that farmers, gardeners and real estate owners in hillsides use this for erosion control. The fabric is covered with shredded bark to provide a natural look. The fuzzy side of the fabric is made to face upwards. This makes sure the fabric doesn’t slide down during adverse or wet weather conditions. (Experts don’t recommend the use of shredded barks in urban gardens. Instead, this is a trick for people with plantations in hilly areas).

Use #5 – No More Weeds

If you live in a place with weeds that grow rapidly, you will find the use of woven ground cover fabric useful. The fabric is capable of stopping weeds from outgrowing (or even rooting firmly). Nevertheless, it makes sure adequate amounts of sunlight, moisture and air penetrates through it! This way your garden will become much livelier and truly green.

A Small Note to be Remembered!

However, you should not go for woven ground cover fabric is you are likely to remove and move plants around. The idea of planting and digging through the cloth is easy said than done. The chore will become extremely difficult if the plants are big and well-rooted. Likewise, you must not go for woven ground cover fabric if you have English Cottage Styled Garden. This is because these gardens have plants and seeding flowers that intermingle and travel. The cloth will prevent these re-seeding flowers or plants from spreading. As a result, your English Cottage Styled Garden will remain dormant for several years. On the whole, woven ground cover fabric can be used in many places! However, you should choose and use them wisely for better yields.

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