• Jumbo bags

    Jumbo bags

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    Jumbo bags, or named FIBCs(Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers), super sacks, are polypropylene bulk bags for transportation and storage.

  • Pond Liners

    Pond Liners

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    Pond liners are also named geomembrane which made of HDPE,LDPE or other plastic materials,the surface is smooth or textured.

  • Weed Control Fabric

    Weed Control Fabric

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    Weed control fabric also known as weed mat, is weed barrier or landscaping solutions used in gardens and fields as the biodegradable weed blocker. 

  • PP woven fabric/bags

    PP woven fabric/bags

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    PP woven fabric is woven polypropylene fabric, weaved by circular or water jet looms, PP woven bags are also named woven polypropylene sacks on sale.

manufacturer of jumbo bags,weed control fabric,pond liners,PP woven fabric.



As the supplier and manufacturer of jumbo bags(or bulk bags, super sacks, FIBCs),PP woven fabric,weed control fabric/mat,pond liners(HDPE,LDPE geomembrane),established in 2000,our company has been the direct source  of  these products for many years.Our main mansion is to provide the best plastic packaging,waterproof,landscaping and construction materials to all the customers.We'd like to introduce our PP/PE packaging solutions to customers all over the world...

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